Youth Sailing

Courses Offered: sessions run June 25 through August 17.

Opti 1-3: Sailing in an Optimist is a wonderful first exposure to sailing, as these little boats are perfectly suited to young sailors looking for an introduction to sailing, as well as slightly older, more experienced sailors who are serious about racing! Opti 1 students will have fun learning how to rig and de-rig an Opti, building the confidence to get out on the water, and starting to sail around set marks. Opti 2 students will learn the Points of Sail and use that knowledge to sail on all reaches, as well as tack upwind, gybe downwind, and even stop their boats on a dime. In Opti 3, sailors will learn the art of racing. This course will teach students everything from the racing rules of sailing to the fastest way from start to finish, as well as how to get there before your opponent.

420 Learn-To-Sail: 420 LTS is a beginner sailing course in a two-person vessel. Students will learn to sail with a partner either being the skipper or crew, while learning how to handle a larger two-sailed boat and safely maneuver around marks, all the while building teamwork and communication skills.

420 Learn-To-Race: In 420 LTR, students will learn how to competitively start a race, strategize against their opponents, and enjoy the thrill of sailing past their fellow racers towards the finish line. Students will be taught how to use the racing rules of sailing and the power of the wind in order to turn the tables of a fleet race towards themselves. Full day sessions are available for our morning sailors. Afternoons consist of a supervised lunch followed by fun and games on our sandy beach, as well as kayaking, swimming, more sailing, and marine science activities. Enrollment limited.

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