Our Hurricane Plan


Our Hurricane Plan is as follows:

General Notes

Club employees will not be available to tend to members’ boats.

It is each individual member’s/boat owner’s responsibility to take care of one’s own property.  Nor, is it reasonable to expect other members to assume responsibility to protect a boat other than their own.  The prudent step is for each owner to take his/her boat to a safe harbor.  Failing that, sail covers, roller furling jibs/genoas, biminis, dodgers and the like should be removed.  Proper length of rode should be added, extra pennents installed, chafing gear put in place, booms, whisker poles and loose equipment stowed.

No one pays more attention to weather reports than boat owners.  It should be no less with an impending hurricane.  Plan ahead, don’t wait until the last minute to take care of your floating property.  And when you have fulfilled your responsibilities in protecting your own, jump in and help take care of our Club property.